The Use of Youtube Video Series by Non English Major Students Of the Faculty of Economics for Speaking Skill

Carolinaliwati Carolinaliwati


This study was conducted to investigate the use of social media especially YouTube by students of Non English Major of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Palangka Raya. It was also to see the impact of using social media especially YouTube to improve their speaking ability. The study design of this study was descriptive qualitative. Fifteen students of the Faculty of Economics were selected as participants to speak in front of hand phone camera with the topics already prepared. Five online meetings were done to know their progress. Semi structured interview was also done to collect the supporting data of deeper information needed. The result showed that use of social media especially YouTube gave high impact for the speaking ability of Non English Major students as seen from their video and deep  information from the interview. However, there were various resistance dealing with the efforts to increase their speaking ability, they are psychological factors (less motivated, not confident), environment factor (the relationship with their environment), linguistic factors (finding references, vocabulary selection, speaking style and gesture). The use of social media especially YouTube might make the students feel easier in overcoming the various resistance to improve speaking ability.



speaking skill; social media; YouTube

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