An Analysis of English Material for Tourism Industry at Vocational High School 4 Sampit Based on ESP Approach

Nikmatus Sholichah, Ristati Ristati


Teaching material is an important aspect in teaching and learning process, because it gives significant impacts toward reaching the teaching and learning goal. English has become an important subject to master by the Tourism Industry students of Vocational High School 4 Sampit. Because most tourism industries use English as a global language, hence, English teaching material should be related to vocational school students’ needs for their future workplace. This study aimed to analyze the compatibility of the English teaching material with the students’ needs. This study was a descriptive qualitative study employing content analysis. Questionnaire was used as the research instrument in collecting the data. The data were analyzed by using ESP approach based on Richards and Rodger’s theory (2001). The findings show that the English teaching materials used in Tourism Industry Program at Vocational High School 4 Sampit were not related to the students’ needs. The materials were too general for Vocational High School students. The result suggested that English material for Vocational High School 4 Sampit must be developed based on students’ needs of tourism industry.


ESP; material analysis; vocational school

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