Developing English Printed Material on Theme of Environment for Early Young Learners

Wulandari Noor Rasyid, Kamsinah Kamsinah, Siti Nurphami


This study presents the development of thematic English material for early young learners at PAUD Terpadu Joy Kids Makassar, particularly under the theme “Environment” and the sub of theme “Home Yard”. This Research and Development was conducted based on the preliminary study which showed that English was not a compulsory subject, but it was only an interlude. Moreover, the learning material used in that school provided only one page of English vocabulary. Thus, supported by the theory of how young children learn language, the researcher made an effort to develop English material by adjusting the concept of curriculum 2013 for childhood education in order to support the basic knowledge of English for students at PAUD Terpadu Joy Kids Makassar. This study applied the ADDIE model in conducting the process of developing the material. Based on the result of need analysis and documents analysis, the English material was emphasized in introducing vocabulary. Furthermore, the product was in form of printed material. Specifically, the product was recommended to be used by both teachers and students to conduct English learning activity. In addition, for the next researcher, it can be also as the reference to innovate more in developing English material.


early young learners; environment; printed material

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