Students’ Perception of the Use of Google Classroom in Teaching Intensive English Class for the First Year College Students During Pandemic COVID-19

Fikri Fuadi Azmy, Bahing Bahing


The spread of COVID-19 pandemic has made the biggest disturbance of education systems in history. Many schools and universities around the world are closing down. In Indonesia, the government decides a distance learning system using online learning. Many platforms of digital sources have been implemented by many schools and universities, one of them is using Google Classroom. This research aimed to know the students’ perception of using Google Classroom in teaching Intensive English Class during this pandemic by applying descriptive qualitative method. The subject of the research was one of the classes on Intensive English Class program at University of Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin named IEC "Paris" Class, they were all the first year students academic year 2019/2020 consisted of 22 students. Questionnaire was used to collect the data. The findings showed that the students’ perception of using Google Classroom in teaching Intensive English Class was in good level. It can be seen from the students’ positive response in responding the questionnaire statements about using Google Classroom. Google Classroom might be used as a media in teaching English for the students to be more interested and active, especially during this New Normal.



Google Classroom; students’ perception; Intensive English class; new normal

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