Utilizing V-log for Teaching Speaking During Pandemic Covid 19

Juniar Tiurma Uli Silalahi, Indra Perdana


Speaking is considered as important skill to be mastered by students in terms of communication needs. However, it is categorized as a complicated skill to teach.  Online teaching mode becomes challenging for the teacher in teaching speaking. The teacher should select effective and appropriate media for teaching speaking skills, one of which is by using a V-log. This article aims to descriptively explain the teaching steps using V-log based on online interview results, observation, and documentation. The result revealed that the teacher conducted teaching speaking by using zoom meeting with the following steps: (1) sharing the video in the share screen, (2) playing the video in full screen, (3) asking the students to observe the video, (4) instructing the students to speak up like on the video, (5) assigning the students to make a video V-log and upload the video in the social media, such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


pandemic covid 19; teaching speaking; utilizing; v-log

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