Need Analysis of English Material for Students of Sendratasik At Lambung Mangkurat University

Revina Kamila


Based on the previous data analysis of the process of English teaching and learning at Sendratasik of Lambung Mangkurat University, it was shown that first is the English teaching material was not suitable for the students because it was about general English, second the teaching material was not provided for the students, and third the available English material so far did not include local content related to their own need and interest. This article aims to present the results of need analysis of English language teaching materials for Sendratasik students at Lambung Mangkurat University based on English for Specific Purposes by Hutchinson & Waters (1991). The data were collected through observation, documentation, and interviews for the English lecturer and Sendratasik students at Lambung Mangkurat University, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The data were analyzed using qualitative descriptive method. The results show that the students of Sendratasik at Lambung Mangkurat University need specific English material by their own needs and interest.


English for specific purposes; materials; need analysis

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