Student Needs for Developing E-Book for Teaching Speaking Skills for Young Learners

Ruth Nova Mandaria


In the Curriculum 2013, English is excluded from the Elementary School Subjects, especially for the State Elementary Schools. The English teachers found difficulty in providing a textbook that covers the student needs. Fortunately, in this pandemic covid-19, it is easier in the teaching and learning process by using electronic books or E-Book. This study aimed to find out the student needs to be able to develop an E-Book for teaching speaking skills for the fourth grade of elementary school students. This research’s respondents were four English elementary school teachers in Palangka Raya and 30 students of the fourth grade of Elementary School at SDN 11 Langkai. This research was done to do the first step of the design of Research and Development (R&D) based on ADDIE (need analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation) as proposed by Branch (2009) elaborated with local content in Palangka Raya. The instrument applied was a guided interview. The data obtained were analyzed and described qualitatively. The finding showed that there were positive responses from the result of the interview. Then, the findings become basic for the researcher to develop E-Book for teaching English speaking skills.


ADDIE model; need analysis for developing e-book; speaking skills; young learners

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