An Analysis of the Writing Material in the English Textbook “Joyful English†for the Fourth Grade Students of Elementary School

Anggry Agustina Marphilinda, Elanneri Karani


Textbooks are important references used by teachers and students in the teaching and learning process. Considering such a situation it is important to conduct a study to describe the shortcomings of the textbook and increase its strength. This study aimed to analyze the presentation of the written material in the textbook “Joyful English†for the fourth grade of elementary school. This research was a descriptive qualitative research using content analysis based on the theory of Hutchinson and Totres (1994 : 315).The data were collected using questionnaires for the teacher of Elementary School and document readings focusing on the analysis of the writing materials. The results showed that in terms of writing materials, all writing assignments were in the form of guided writing, where students were asked to write responses and short texts. The result also showed that writing assignments in textbooks were proportionally covered as required in Kompetensi Dasar (Basic Competence) as required in the Lesson Plan.


elementary school; textbook analysis; writing material

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