Islamic Song to Motivate EFL Students in Speaking Performance

Fitrya Fitrya, M. Zaini Miftah


The aim of this research was to find out the the effectiveness of English song toward students’ speaking ability and motivation at MA Darul Ulum Palangka Raya. This research used quantitative method that belongs to experimental design. For instruments, this study used speaking test and questionnaire. The population of the study were 64 students of tenth grade at MA Darul Ulum Palangka Raya. To analyse the data, researcher used SPSS 21 program. The result of this research showed, the students’ pre-test mean score in experiment class was 67,97 and the post-test mean score was 72,87. In contrary, the students’ pre-test mean score in control class was 71,27 and the post-test mean score was 69,43. In the end, English song is effective way to improve students’ speaking ability and motivation. Consequently, English song made the new words stay longer in their mind and help them to adapt to native speaker pronunciation. English song helped them to increase their motivation in speaking.


Islamic song; speaking ability; speaking motivation

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