An Analysis of English Four Skills in “When English Rings a Bell†English Textbook Based on Alan Cunningsworth Criteria

Levika Egita Sulistiyana


This research aimed to describe types and the content of skills found in "When English Rings a Bell" English textbook based on Alan Cunningsworth criteria. In carrying out this research, the researcher used a qualitative approach with a content analysis method. Data collected by carrying out an observation checklist, interview, and documentation. The result showed that: (1) English four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) found in the English textbook "When English Rings a Bell" for the seventh grade of Junior High Schools published by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and (2) English skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing show the results of a checklist based on Alan Cunningsworth found among them on page 4 as listening skills, page 101 as speaking skills, page 105 as reading skills, and page 137 as of writing skills.


Alan Cunningsworth criteria; English four skills; English textbook; textbook analysis

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