GDIF and DDIF analysis for posttest instrument of curriculum 2013 training

Komalasari Komalasari


The objective of this study was to analyze Gender Differential Item Functioning (GDIF) and District Differential Item Functioning (DDIF) in the post-test instrument of curriculum 2013 training in Central Kalimantan Indonesia. Data were secondary from Educational Quality Assurance Institution Central Kalimantan, which includes responses of 665 tenth grade teachers (414 females and 251 males; and 395 teachers from the new district and 269 teachers from the old district in Central Kalimantan Indonesia). The performed analysis of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) was applied to 30 multiple-choice items based on the Rasch model of Item Response Theory (IRT) using Conquest 4 software. The results showed that two items (item25 and item 30) exhibited gender-related DIF and five items ( item 6, item15, item 22, item 24, and item 26) indicated district-related DIF. Female teachers tend to perform relatively better in analyzing a learning activity item. Otherwise, the concept of curriculum 2013 learning outcome (indicators of competence achievement) item to be relatively harder for female teachers. New district teachers tend to perform relatively better on lesson plan of curriculum 2013 and knowledge assessment (than old district teachers). The development of learning materials integrated with local content and the concept of competence for the attitude dimension of the learning process items seem to be relatively harder for new district teachers (than old district teachers). Some implications of this study are provided. 


Rasch model; DIF; gender; district; curriculum 2013

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