Children’s English vocabulary acquisition in EFL primary school context of Golden Christian school Palangka Raya

Rajudin Rajudin, Aris Sugianto


This study was aimed to investigate how children’s English vocabulary acquisition process in Golden Christian School. Case study qualitative design with ethnographic were used to find out the answer of problem of the study. The population of this study was the children who studying in Golden Christian School third grade. The students were in one class consisted of 15 students. The observation and documentation result show whole class activity and interview result used to find parents contributions in their children’s English vocabulary acquisition at home. The finding of this study showed some points as follows: First, school and teacher had important role in children’s English vocabulary acquisition at school. Teacher was being a model and source for children in learning English, making the material easy to understand and also using simple language for children. Second, parent contributions in children English vocabulary acquisition at home are by be their friend in speaking use English, suggest children to practice speaking at home, give children private course and let them to learn English or found new vocabulary by using social media and TV channel.


second language acquisition; child language; language acquisition device; vocabulary

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