Students' Perceptions towards the Use of Quizziz as A Tool in Improving Reading Skills

Nur Faathinah Mohammad Roshdan, Norwati Roslim, Siti ‘Aishatul-Humairah Muhammad Fisol, Nadiah Yahyauddin


The use of various teaching and learning applications is now significant during online distance learning in the course of diversifying teaching approaches to help retain students’ focus and attract students’ interest in English language learning. With increasingly rapid technological advancement, Quizizz, an interactive quiz application is one of the current teaching and learning tools that can be used in classrooms to improve students’ reading skills. Educators can easily integrate the use of this application in the process of teaching to help build students’ language skills. Specifically focusing on skimming and scanning skills, Quizizz allows students to read and simultaneously practice both skills in an interactive way. The use of both linear and non-linear text can also be embedded in the application thus providing a variety in the activity designed. This study aimed to investigate UiTM diploma students’ perceptions toward using Quizizz as a tool in improving students’ reading skills. Consequently, an innovative speed-reading contest was designed in testing the effectiveness of Quizizz in helping students to apply the reading skills namely skimming and scanning that have been taught in class. The outcomes of this study are expected to provide educators with insights on the usage of Quizizz as an alternate learning media that is good for both educators and students in aiding teaching and learning process


teaching and learning application; Quizizz; reading skills; skimming; scanning

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