Developing Exemplary Descriptive Texts in Local Content

Susan Ira Nova, Rizqa Rahimi, Natalina Asi, Lesly Martha C. Meka


Developing teaching material in local content becomes essential in teaching English for senior high school students. The students will learn not only about the language but also about how they use it in real life. They need to experience how to talk or describe their local context where they belong to in English. English teachers especially in Palangka Raya municipality have a problem in finding texts in local content in teaching writing. In English Textbook released by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, revised edition 2017 for senior high school for first year, there are 18 texts in total, only one text talks about Central Kalimantan. Even in the internet, English teachers are also hard to find example of good texts in local contents as well as the standardized one. In order to develop standardized English texts for teaching descriptive text in local content topic for tenth grade students of Senior High School, this research used Research and Development using ADDIE model. The result of this research showed that both validators agreed the developed texts were fulfilled the criteria of the good text for teaching descriptive text. This result was also supported by the result of trial task which achieved good score in average and the positive responds and comments from the questionnaire.


descriptive text in local content; exemplary descriptive text; R&D

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