The use of L1 in English as a foreign language classroom at SMA Taruna Jaya Sampit

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One of the most favorite approaches in teaching and learning a foreign language is the use of L1 in the classroom. Debates have going for ages about the effectiveness of this approach. This approach could help the teacher to explain certain subjects to the students moreover if the students lack English comprehension. On the other hand, this approach could demotivate the students and only can be used at a certain level of comprehension of English. The purpose of this study is to find out: How frequent teachers and students use L1 in English Foreign Language Classroom, Perspective of the teacher on the use of L1 in EFL Classroom and Perspective of students on the use of L1 in EFL Classroom. The research type of this study was qualitative research. Data were taken by questionnaire, interview, and observation. The subject of this study is the first-class SMA Taruna Jaya Students and English teacher. The questionnaire was given to the teacher and students of the first class of SMA Taruna Jaya and the data of the interview were taken from the teacher and 5 students who chose randomly. The result showed that the teacher and students used L1 most of the time and the perspective of the teacher and students toward the use of L1 is mostly positive.


English as a foreign language classroom, the use of L1, English

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