The use of Google Form application as media for students' assessment

Fitria Yunita


Nowadays, the use of digital technology in the teaching-learning process cannot be bypassed. Besides, not all teachers are ready to use it. This writing is endeavored to describe the use of the Google Form Application for Students' Assessment in SMP Negeri 1 Muara Teweh. This study belongs to a Qualitative Descriptive Approach. The subject of this study is 40 teachers with various backgrounds of the subject being taught in SMP Negeri 1 Muara Teweh. The data is collected from a questionnaire given to the teachers. After analyzing the questionnaire, the writer can conclude that : (1) 80% subject state that Google Form Application makes the assessment is easier, (2) 20 % of teachers assume that Google Form Application is a little bit difficult for them, (3) 75 % of teachers can use Google Form Application well, (4) 100% agree that Google Form Application reduces school’s consequence for paper supply, (5) 25% teachers apply Google Form Application for assessment. The result shows that the use of the Google Form Application has many advantages for teachers, especially to assess the students’ proficiency in the subjects.


Google Form, media, assessment

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