Alya Maulidia Hanum, Marudut Bernadtua Simanjuntak, Ilza Mayuni, Zuriyati Zuriyati


The film is one of the visual communication media in the form of moving images based on a story or script that has been designed. In choosing a film, most people choose a film that can take them into the plot of the film, make them feel everything that is done by the characters and events in the film so that they get carried away. The Cemara family began to be updated in a more modern and millennial version in 2019 and made into a cinema or feature film. This study aims to describe the meaning of family love in the film Keluarga Cemara. This research is also expected to be useful in analyzing the meaning of the storyline of a film using qualitative analysis methods. The research method used in this research is the descriptive analysis research method with a qualitative approach. The qualitative research method is one type of research used to examine human and social problems. The results of this study indicate that the meaning of family affection in the film Keluarga Cemara is interpreted by the many sacrifices of a father, communication between families, and the harmonious atmosphere described by the storyline.

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